What I’m selling: Brand New, Old Cats, still in original, factory shipping boxes. I bought these Cats around 20 years ago!

Just like finding mint, vintage Corvettes in an old guy’s barn! Well, not just like, but pretty exciting anyway.

And, instead of lingering in the old guy’s barn with the mice and who knows what else, these Cats have been kept warm and dry either in the house, the apartment, or a heated storage unit depending on where I lived.

From Sotar: factory original 12 or 14 foot tubes, in the standard light brown color, with the heavy duty canvas carry bag.

Next up are the real gems.

From AIRE:

1. A custom, from the factory, 16 foot Jaguarundi, with the outer tubes made entirely of the extra tough bottom material, and produced without any insignia, because I prefer a low profile, and didn’t want to be a floating billboard. Truly one of a kind, and mighty doubtful they would ever produce anything again without their emblem.

2. A custom, from the factory, 18 foot “Bully Boat” cataraft, designed stem to stern by Dan Cox, Boatman Extraordinaire, and long running manager of the Andy and Bax boat department.

My “Bully” is one of perhaps 6 in existence, and the only one that’s never seen the light of day, or been touched by a drop of water. Dan’s design inspired the AIRE Lion, a 16 footer this outstanding company continues to manufacture.

Dan is also a remarkable boat frame designer, and the frame he designed for his “Bully” allows it to be rowed, powered by an outboard, and even sailed!

With so much carrying capability, I imagine you could old school, or outfitter, and set it up with sweeps.

I bought my first AIRE product, a Lynx I, in 1998. Paddled around in Mom’s pool on Friday, and launched the next day on the Wilderness Run of the Salt River. I still have that IK, now 24 years old, plus two Lynx II’s I bought over the years. Thousands of river miles, yet no rips, tears, or patches on any of them. I am a huge fan of AIRE.

All three of these Cats are outside of warranty of course. But if you take decent care of them, they will be loved by your kids or grandkids almost as much as you loved them.

The guy I recently spoke with at AIRE said the material should be just fine, maybe a little initial “marbling” that would resolve with inflation, warm air, and sunshine.

Always thought I’d become the Martin Litton of the Middle Fork.

Alas, I am very content to be the old hippy on the Clackamas, Bull Run, and Sandy, all nearby day runs, and island overnights, perfect for IK’s.

I’m bringing these Cats into Portland sometime in the next couple weeks.

Maybe you’d like to be there when they come out of their factory boxes…and make an offer.