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Contact for interviews:
Kent Ford, Performance Video, (970) 259-1361
[email protected]

Performance Video Launches: “The Digitize Paddlesports Project”

(Durango, Colo.) Performance Video proudly launches: “The Digitize Paddlesports Project” a national effort to capture the rich history of paddlesport for the future. Our sport has a rich history, and we need to be sure it is preserved.

In closets across our country, film of the early days of paddling is decaying and is destroying our paddling history at an alarming rate. Once the film backing shrinks, it becomes brittle, and essentially unusable.

On our web page, we explain how and where to get 8 mm, 16 mm, Super 8, and video footage transferred to digital format. We also suggest formats recommended for longevity. We recommend starting with the oldest footage and footage with obvious priority, such as first descents, unique riverbank situations, personalities, or first time events. You probably have the only remaining footage capturing this timeframe!

Our company, Performance Video, has a specific interest in your footage. We are starting a documentary film project capturing the exciting evolution of paddlesport in North America. Once digitized, we would love to talk with you about making digital copies available for our video project as well as to interested archival locations, such as the International Whitewater Hall of Fame and other paddling libraries.

The initial emphasis of our film search is pre-1972, but if you have photos in that time frame, or video footage from more recently, we encourage you to get them digitized and keep us posted on what you have found.

Thanks for your interest in keeping our history alive.

Kent Ford
John Davis
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