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Hey Hey everyone,

The 2007 EddyFlower Vertical Challenge was a hit! We are very appreciative of the following sponsors and their contributions to making this event a success:

Dagger, Kokatat, Aquabound, Keen, Voz, Red Bull, Tech 40, Alpenglow, WRSI, Paddling Life, The Spot and Funnel.

Here are some highlights:
  • Their support lead to some BIG donations (and HUGE Vert) for First Descents. During the 32 day event competitors raised $6,480.00. At the awards party almost $800.00 more was raised from donations, dollar beers and food sales.
  • Eric Bryant brought home the top individual prize: A Dagger Nomad 8.5 for raising $1,280.00 on be-half of First Descents.
  • For the first year we had 20 registered teams bringing together 80 registered competitors and paddling over 629,485 ft (equal to 21 sea to summit hikes on Mt. Everest).
  • Teams registered in 4 states and entered runs from 7 states
  • Paddlers got a total of 1,508 laps during the event
  • 3 competitors paddled over 30,000 ft in the 32 days
  • 2 teams got on Bailey 3 times in one day
  • A video was created capturing some of the teams out there gettin' er done!
And Thanks again to ... all that competed ... all that got out and paddled with the teams ... to those that attended the party and to our sponsors!

Check it:

2008 is going to be big.


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Add another $50 to the first descents donations. I found a guys paddle on Bailey this weekend and got it back to him. He generously wanted to reward me. Feeling that river karma was a good enough reward for me, we decided to cut the check to first descents.

Top notch job to the eddyflower crew for putting on the vertical challenge. The prizes were huge, and I can only imagine the amount of work they put into this to organize it and get sponsors to donate. The competition was fun and the party at the end was a great finale. With class III, IV, weekend warrior, and open divisions there was something for everyone.

Strategizing with our crew on how to get the most vertical and the most fun out of limited time was great fun. Walking away with a new drytop put a big smile on my face too! Knowing that we as a community helped some young adults have a great time makes it all the more worthwhile.

Can't wait for next year.
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