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Team River Runner would like to invite all of you to participate in our annual 9/11 Butts in Boats event.
Who are we?
Team River Runner is a non-profit organization that promotes health and healing through paddle sports for our nation’s veterans and active duty service members.
We are doing this nationwide to remember all of those who gave, and those who gave all on 9/11
There is no money involved, no donations will be taken, and no T-shirts to buy, just get in your boat and get on a river and paddle.
Team River Runner will be doing their part by paddling the Deckers run on the 8th of September starting around 10:00am. Come and paddle with our veterans and active military service members. You could also paddle Foxton or Waterton just stop by our tent at the Deckers put in and sign in.
All the names will be counted and sent to our national Headquarters in Maryland Va.
Our goal is to represent the state of Colorado by getting at least 911 butts in a boat on the 8th and 9th of September.
You can also participate by just E-mailing me with your name
The area of Colorado you represent,
Which River and section you are doing for the weekend.
And that’s it. No money. No scams. Just get on a river and show your support.
Frank Hackney
Chapter Coordinator
Ft Carson Team River Runner
[email protected]
Face book page:
Ft Carson team river runner
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