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The Boat People Facebook the "Swarm Video". These friends visited me last week. If you like this video I put together could you SWARM on over to The Boat People Inflatable Kayak & Raft Specialists Facebook and SWARM LIKE our Page! Thank you!

If you do it by Sunday night you can win an AIRE electric pump and some other stuff by posting in the Post pinned to top "AIRE OFF" where you see the orange cataraft.

Please go to TBP Facebook to view the movie and SWARM LIKE our page. Below I put our youtube link which MB/Youtube allows to be played embedded within this post but please go to our FB if not too much trouble.

Bee On The River

From my investigations, when a Bee Colony is strong, has enough food/honey/members... a group will decide to break off and search for a new suitable location to begin a new colony. They visited my yard for the last three years but so far have built their new homes somewhere nearby. In Rockit's Apple Tree, the main group has left but a contingent of 40 remains and holds on to and defends this location you see in the video. Really amazing to see this going on first hand!

Lee S, Admin

(In Facebook and Youtube set the quality to HD 720P, it looks much better)

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