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Hi all:

I doing a trip to Steamboat soon and staying at the Steamboat campground. Besides playing in the water park with my kayak, I also want to take my smallish kids on a canoe float.

I was thinking putting in at Steamboat campground would be perfect but the only takeout I can find any info on is the Hayden pump station (5 miles east of Hayden. Does anyone know how long that would take from the Steamboat Springs campground? I think that may be a little longer than I want with the kids.

Does anyone know of a takeout closer to Steamboat springs than the pump station?

I was just thinking of a 2 or 3 hour float. To complicate things I will probably have to run the shuttle with my bicycle. So that is the reason I was hoping to find a takeout below steamboat campground. Then I could drop the vehicle off at the takeout, bike back to Steamboat campground and then float back to the vehicle.

Thanks for any advice or info.

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