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take out on the Crystal river around C'Dale

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Is there a good take out on the Crystal river around C'Dale. When we ran it years ago we would put in at Avalanche Creek and take out at that RBR private camping ground. Thought is was RBR or something. Drove around C'dale and looked for a takeout but found none. So am still looking. Anyone got that knowledge? Thanks
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There really isn't one. You used to be able to take out at the CRMS bridge but I think they kind of frown on that these days. I think your best bet is to join the Fork and take it down to Black Bridge......Someone else local have new updated info?
If you're kayaking (or other small boat) you can take out at Mt Sopris Road bridge. Trailering out a raft at this location not an option. You can launch from here too, but black bridge is really the only take out down from here.
The BRB campground is now a KOA. It's not really in Carbondale though. It's up the Crystal several miles. The Avalanche to "BRB" run is still possible.
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