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Tagging along with an outfitter trip?

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My family and I will be in Durango, CO in August. We will be bringing our IK's and want to do a couple day trips on the Animas. Our issue is we will only have one car and no one to give us a ride back from the take out.

I was thinking we might be able to tag along with a outfitter trip and just use their shuttle. Have any of you done this before? If so, is the price for just the shuttle reasonable?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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Bicycle path follows the entire day float thru town. Blow up the duckies at 32 street leave family there to play in the water and being careful not to block the ramps. Then park car at takeout of your choice and ride bike back to put in. Super quick with how traffic is in Durango these days

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Could really use some suggestions. We won't be bringing a bike with us.
Stick your thumb out.
Hit up a fly shop- lots of those guys have connections or would welcome some additional beer money.....

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you know, if you go to this place called google and type in "shuttles animas river" and email a couple of those companies that show up then you'll probably get better answers....

Seriously, just contact some outfitters down there directly.
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