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Three Rivers Paddle Shop will be hosting a White Water Rescue Technician Level I on June 2 to June 5, 2005. For an additional $30, time will be spent to certify people as Swift Water Rescue Technician Level I. This physically challenging course will be conducted by Bill Dvorak's Raft and Kayak Expeditions, a Rescue Level 3 international certified instructor. This course is an intense, 3 day, 30 hour class containing 1 day of classroom instruction and two full days of developing and practicing water rescue skills. The initial emphasis is on developing self-rescue skills. Other objectives include an in-depth look at: control, line in water contact rescue, handling hazards and obstacles, contructing technical rope systems, understanding water dynamics, and using basic rescue equipment. Classes start at 8:30 am.

Equipment Requirments and Course Information:

Full Wetsuit or Drysuit

Lightweight Helmet

USCG Approved PFD (Type III or V)

River Booties or Tennis Shoes

Gloves and Fins Optional

Minimum 18 Years of Age

Adequate Health Insurance Coverage

Basic Swimming Ability

Good Physical Condition

White Water Rescue Technician Level I $295.00

Swift Water Rescue Technician Level I $325.00

Contact 3 Rivers Resort in Almont at 888-761-3474
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