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Here is the plan for the upcoming weekend and a bit that I have learned about the location and logistics. I’m sure many of you know more so pipe in if you need.
The land on the west side of Mile High Rafting is available to park in and have access to the river as it is Town owned/managed now. They are in the process of gearing towards a WW park in this area as we speak so they said it’s all good. If you plan to be in the swift water class please be there and ready to go at 8:30am. That means try to show up by ¼ after. Mike is going to do a lot of dry land stuff in the a.m hours and move towards the water for the later part of the class. Since we have just over 30 people there will be 3 instructors with groups of 10 with Mike overseeing it all and doing the in water entrapment. Gear you need for the day= PFD, Throw rope, proper river shoes, helmet, any gear you need to keep you warm. As for payment, bring cash for Mike. I have nothing to do with the class except helping to get you all together. Mike is handling it all.
The location is the lot to the West of Mile High rafting in Lawson. MHR has nothing to do with this so please respect their property and park only in the lot next door. Also, there is no restroom there so do your business before you arrive. And NO, do not go over to MHR and use theirs. We really want to respect their space. In addition there is NO CAMPING at this location however there is camping available down stream...
To find the PWTPs and Swift water location simply get off at Lawson or Dumont and drive upstream till you see us on the right. It will be pretty obvious.
I will be cooking out for the lunch on Sat. and Sun. but no breakfast Sunday morning. I had planned to camp and cook but since the camping is a no go there I will do lunch both days.
The swift water will start early but the PWTPS will be from 11-3. I will be there the whole time with boats so feel free to try one out if you get there early.
I look forward to seeing you all there and am glad so many are interested. It is a great class and one that everyone should take. See you Sat.!


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Is there a PWTP on Saturday in addition to the SWR?

Hey Hobie,
Is there a paddle with the pros going on on Saturday for those of us who didn't get on the list for the Swift Water Rescue? BTW, I took SWR with Mike and it was great!


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Yes. Paddle with the Pros will be both days from 11-3. I will be there the whole time but our Corey, Tyler, and Brad will be there around 10:30am.


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Updated list of students. Please make sure you let me know if you plan to cancel so I can fill the spot.

Luke Pennington
Brian ledoux + 1
Randy Peterson
Danielle V + 1
Jay Hendrickson
Mike Brodene
Matt Wade
Matt Wertze
Dan Wrona
Laurie McCaig + 1
Ken Stanley
Confluence Don
Allison O'Brian
Jeff Tryon
Steve Gleason + 1
Corey Davidson
Craig Talbot
Matt Lee
Louis + 1
Jennifer Lowell
Linda Zicardi
Randy Pearson
Kristin Mayo
Russel Gottmer
Rob Patterson + 1
Dan Niemela
Scott Willoughby

Please look this over and make sure you let me know if you can't make it. Got a few people on the wait list so.... See you Saturday!


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Thanks for putting on a good thing

Hi Hobie,

I just wanted to thank you for organizing a top-notch swift water safety class. Mike and the crew did an outstanding job, and the buzz among the folks that took the class was all thumbs up -- very positive feedback. I just wanted you to know what a great job you did and how Mike was everything, you said he would be.

BYW, do you know when the Post is going to publish the article on the event?

Also, we were not able to make to the Dagger demo day on Sunday, are you planning on holding another demo event anytime in the near future? If so, please give a posting to There are some 170 members.

Thanks again!

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