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Sweet Helmet GoPro Mounting

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Hey folks,

I just got the new Sweet helmet for kayaking. I was previously using the WRSI helmet and had the go pro mounted on the front curve of the helmet which seemed to work great. I moved away from the direct top mount for worries of ripping it off during a roll.

I was wondering where people are mounting their GoPro with the Sweet helmet. On top or on the front by the "S" emblem? I was just wondering if you had any insight before I glued this sucker on.

Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated. I am just worried that the suction will not stick on the "S" in the front. I would like it it go there if possible. Not worried about covering up the emblem.

Thanks for your help.

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Does mounting it in the front of the Sweet helmet kick it forward to much. I am just worried it will be too much mounted there. Then again it worked great with the WRSI. I just feel like the WRSI fitted a bit more snug on my head, making the extra GoPro weight a non-issue.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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