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I second the Axiom. I've got one.

The bow has most of the volume. It's enough volume to punch holes and be comphy, and it's basically a surf board hahaha. LOVE mine.

It does have some hard edges on it, though. If you're new, you're probably going to catch edges and get window shaded a few times. You'll learn to mind your edges really quick, though.

The stern is also pretty catchy. It'll sink really easy in squirly water, and it'll stern squirt when you don't want it to if you're not leaning forward. But if you're leaning forward, you'll be good to go. It's not the boat for you if you just want to sit back and bob down the river. You have to be on top of it.

And it does hold a strait line really well. It's also a pretty long boat, and it's FAST.
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