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Since your just starting out you don't need a creek boat. Just like it says creek boats are specialized designs built to handle steep creeks. Creeking is usually the last aspect of boatings sub-niches you are likely to explore, It's best (mandatory) to have a wealth of experience on boatings other niches (for example,river-running, play-boating, ocean surfing)to learn the boat control and rescue skills needed for safe creeking.
Most people start out with a river-runner or river-running play-boat, then take a class or two, then hook-up with other beginners and away you go.
Since you are in Washington, google; professor paddle it's Washington's mountain buzz. Once there click on forums, then click on main whitewater forum, where you will find at the top of the page a discussion on getting out as a beginner
Boating has many aspects and it can be confusing but take small steps and have fun and before you know it you'll have it down
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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