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friends had their car ripped off the other night (5/16/05)....

Hi -We have a favor to ask folks in FC. Our car was
stolen last night - Police say that the more eyes
looking for it, the more likely it is to be found if
it is still in the area. So, as you are tooling
around Fort Collins, we'd be very appreciative if you
kept your eyes out for our poor lost car.

- 1996 Red Subaru Impreza hatchback 4-door, dark grey
interior with grey woven cloth seats
- Colorado plate 613BXC (no front plate, only back)
- Factory installed racks which had ski racks on them
at time of theft
- Two hub caps missing on same side (we disagree on
which side)
- Had a small brown and large blue tarp with lots of
brush loaded in the back at time of theft
- May have had a Salazar for Senate sticker taped to
back window but we can't remember
- Went missing last night from Old Town, near Shields
and Magnolia - car was unlocked so would be no signs
of forced entry

Thanks for any help! If you see it, call us
at (970)224-1092 or call the FC Police.

Thanks again! Reward of beer...
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