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We ran it on June 8th, and yeah, it was sneaky AF at that water level (probably about 8k). We scouted and could just see the highest sharp bit occasionally peeking out of the water from above. Here you can barely see it:

View attachment 78156

Then here it peaks out a bit:

View attachment 78157

And after passing through, it's obvious from the back.

View attachment 78158

It's easy to avoid - the trick is knowing it's there when it's mostly obscured from the upstream view.

Good pictures! We ran it on 7th and this is exactly what we saw too. It pillows over rock at 7-8K, watch for slack water behind pillow. the Two Horns on the rock are very sharp. Easy run on traditional left, left of new horned rock, wide open on right at this stage, that will change as water drops.
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