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Sticky problem

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It's time to replace the adhesive in my repair kit. I have a PVC boat, and normally carry tear-aid for PVC, plus Vynabond because I hate the idea of trying to clean and then mix two-part under stressful condition. DRE did not have Vynabond when I was there, just Clifton, but both they and NRS swear that Clifton is also good for PVC.

So, if you had a PVC boat, what would you carry on the river? I don't want to try and MEK and mix two part. I'm totally comfortable with idea that I will patch over the temporary work when I get home.
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Just get the proper cleaner and glue. You will thank yourself if the shit hits the fan. Always carry some tear aid ( PVC type).

I rooted around and more or less answered my own question.

A) Clifton is a HUGE company, and has many types of adhesives. There is a Clifton for PVC (LA-4123), and it is a one part.

B) It looks like NRS no longer sells Vyna-bond, nor does DRE. I know in Denver that AAA still does because I saw it there last week.

It's Tear-aid B for PVC patch material

So, I now carry Clifton (LA-4123) in my repair box. The nice thing about both LA-4123 and Vyna-bond is it has the MEK already mixed in.
Cascade still carries it.

you can get it on Amazon too. but only in the little tubes.

I carry the loctite vinyl and fabric adhesive with my pvc duckies, that stuff works pretty good, and dries fast. (was recommended by Alpacka for repairs and attaching D-Rings etc. so I gave it a shot and was impressed)
Cool will have to see if I can locate some locally. Always looking for an easier, but strong repair option.
Cool will have to see if I can locate some locally. Always looking for an easier, but strong repair option.
you can get the loctite stuff at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, etc. its almost everywhere. @ Walmart its in the hardware section next to the duct tape/rope etc. - same with Target (home repair section) Home Depot its in the paint department next to all the other glues.
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