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Hey all - new here; seems like a great community. I'm already burning up my days reading posts when I should be cleaning the bathroom or something. :)
I'm told an introduction is appreciated. . . . 64 yrs old, been running rivers since 1992 mostly western slope Sierra Nevada rivers, but have wandered out to Oregon and Utah on occasion. I'm not ready to give it up by a long shot, but my beloved Riken Pioneer SB (I'm the 2nd owner) has made it clear that it disagrees. So: time for a new boat.

I was wondering if anyone had hands-on, or even hearsay, experience with the new Star Outlaw 130. I can get a significant discount, which immediately puts it at the head of the pack.
Apparently, they gave up the weird 2-layer floor and copied the Aire bladder design. How's that working out?

Specifically: is the handling/performance better or worse? And how well does it drain (seems like it could use a few more holes, for sure)? How about durability of the boat bottom?

Anything else you feel like adding: go for it. :))

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