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St. Vrain Below Apple Valley Bridge...

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I am an IK newbie and so far I have run the filter plant section of the Poudre (below 2'). I was considering running the St. Vrain below the apple valley bridge this weekend and was wondering if anyone had post flood beta on this run at current flows of 760? recommended for beginners? hazards to look out for?

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Haven't been on it, but heard from people there are lots of hazards in the way of strainers, root balls, other debris, etc. Sounds like if you can confidently maneuver around those obstacles you can be fine. But again, this is hearsay and not personal observations.
Ran it Tuesday. It is fairly Straight forward with the exception of a couple of spots. As you get closer to crossing under the hwy 36 bridge pthere are two spots of concern. 1st place is at an old barn on the left indicates a large ledge with nasty pin potential in the middle. I ran left, with no issue. Further down half the river flows into a tree island....hug the right bank....this one is visible from apple valley. just make sure you can read on the fly and maneuver VERY quickly.

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Ran it two weeks ago, can second what Champson said. My boating companion and I clunked the piton rock in the drop he mentioned pretty hard--you can see the roostertail from above. Afterwards we both assumed that if there was a clean run on that drop it would be left, sounds like thats the case.

The "Tree island" is the trickiest strainer although there are others (including some root balls) coming off the banks in various places--nothing that really freaked me out or should be a problem for someone with good boat control.
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