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Hopefully there's a qualified Buzzard for this one:

Here's the link to the state website posting, get your app in by July 7.

Information About The Job:
The CWCB is a small state agency that promotes the protection, conservation and development of Colorado's water resources in order to secure the greatest utilization of those resources for the benefit of present and future generations, and to minimize the risk of flood damage and related economic losses.

This position exists to provide professional, high level legal, policy and technical assistance to the Colorado Water Conservation Board on complex water resource issues under the Board's statutory authorities in the areas of: 1) interstate water compacts; and, 2) interstate and federal activities related to Colorado's water resources. This position also provides leadership and expertise to water users and citizens of Colorado concerning issues in the use and conservation of the water resources of the various river basins of Colorado. This position represents the CWCB in interstate negotiations and the implementation of programs and projects to resolve water supply and endangered species conflicts related to water supply issues. The river basins of Colorado are integrally linked to each other, and this position also promotes the development of better water resource information to characterize the full range of water uses and promotes the development of better communication between residents of other basins within Colorado. This position functions as a senior authority on Endangered Species Act Recovery Programs and Recreational In-Channel Diversion (RICD) Program and on Colorado River basin water management issues. As such, this position is the program director for the Platte River ESA Recovery Implementation and RICD Programs. This position works on complex water resource legal and policy matters related to specific cases and projects. This position also assists on special projects for the Director and the Board, such as certain Colorado River and Groundwater Commission matters. In assisting on these special projects, the position interprets legislation, policies, standards, rules, and statutes. In addition, this position conducts technical analysis and provides technical advice related to negotiations and these related projects. The position represents the Director and the Board in various capacities.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in watershed sciences/management, water resources, law or field of study related to the assignment AND five years of professional experience in water resources management, water modeling, or water law and policy, which includes experience in a combination of the following areas:

· Complex water resource issues
· Interstate water compacts
· Endangered Species Act Recovery Programs
· Recreational In-Channel Diversion (RICD) Program, or
· Water rights litigation or negotiations.
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