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Each season of use at Spencer's Cabin has brought more users and useful feedback. We have also seen more "blanket" reservations from single users booking multiple weekend days at once. To ensure more opportunity for everyone to book and experience the Cabin on weekends we are changing our booking rules.

Starting immediately, permit holders will be limited to reserving 2 Friday and/or Saturday's per month. This will apply to the period of June 1st - September 15th.

We hope this creates the opportunity for more users to reserve weekend nights. Please contact Eagle County Open Space with any questions.

As everyone should know, the Burns takeout is permanently closed (private land). If flows are low this season please be aware that Rodeo Rapid becomes increasingly difficult at lower flows. Depending on your skill set a large (14ft+) raft may not fit through through Rodeo rapid at flows below 600cfs. Please take river levels into consideration this season before you book. Pray for snow!
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