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Speed of Upper Colorado Through Ruby Horsetheif

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Hi All,

I was wondering if folks know the average speed of the river this time of year? cfs is about 1200 so very low...

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Are you sure its that low? The Westwater flow and the Ruby/H flow on Americanwhitewater indicate about 2300 cfs. I've never run Ruby H, but I've run Westwater at both 1200 and 2400 and it is a big difference (especially Skull).

Sorry I'm no help to actually answer your question.
Speaking to the Upper C, we ran Pumphouse>Rancho last week at 1200ish and it took about 6 hours. We stopped a handful of times and the afternoon W was gnarly, per usual.
Ran Westwater a week ago. We pretty much rowed the whole way out after the rapids. However, we didn't have to row right when we put in. So at least the end of Ruby Horsethief seems to be flowing at 3 mph or so. That was 2300.
The gauge you want is Colorado river at the Utah boarder with is running 2340cfs right now. The Upper Colorado is the section above the confluence with the Eagle river and below Green mountain Res. which is running 1230cfs right now. Either way its pretty low and the water is only moving about 2-3mph. Mee is about 12 miles from Loma so without getting stuck in an eddy or rock bar drift wood would make it there in about 5-6 hours. The biggest factor that will effect your time is going to be the W (ind). It always blows up river and will add an hour or 12 depending on how strong it is. If it shows up it will start at 11:55am and be relentless for 6 hours then stop. Getting on the river early is a good idea for that section this time of year. Have fun
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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