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If you would like to try riverboarding out for the first time or if you have already tried it and want to see what a ripboard is like, then I hope you can make it out. As of right now, I have finalized three dates for ripboard demos. They are as follows:
Saturday, April 3rd. Nantahala Falls. Spring Splash at Nantahala Outdoor Center. Come find us somewhere around the front of the store in the manufacturer’s expo.
Saturday, May 1st. Ocoee River, Middle Section. 9:00 am-4: 00 p.m. Meet at Goforth Creek parking area.
Saturday, June 5th. Pigeon River. Meet at the Put-In. Noon till five.

I will be bringing boards, an extra helmet and pfd, neoprene socks, flippers, and two extra wetsuits for you to borrow while trying it out. If you have any items like pfd, helmet, or wetsuit, please bring them as it may help decrease the time you have to wait for a demo. Another experienced boarder or I will be guiding you down. If you would like to do a more personalized demo and get some longer, less rushed runs in, then give me a call at 828-461-2152 to set something up, because obliviously, some of these will be short. The Nanty is so cold at this time of year and I expect a lot of interested customers, that I will just be doing runs of the falls, though you can do multiple repeat runs. I’m only doing the Ocoee from Goforth Creek to the takeout because in my experience the top has some shallow, bony sections. The Pigeon has the longest run of the three demo days. If you go to the place where you are supposed to meet me and don’t see anyone hanging around, that probably means that I couldn’t find anyone to help me sign people up for demos, so please be patient and I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish on the river with the current demo. It could also mean that I am showing my friend the river real quick so that they can do demos on it, especially if it is early in the day when the water release starts. P.S. If any experienced boarders on any kind of board want to come and join the fun while I’m doing the demos, or if any boaters don’t want to try it, but want to watch as they boat, then consider this an invite. I may also do some other rivers in the area the day before or day after depending on my schedule and water levels, so let me know if you want to do something.
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