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I'm visiting the area this weekend. I've got a rec kayak (Old Town Vapor) and I'm an experienced flat water kayaker (big lakes and easy rivers). Not much experience with rapids, although I have theoretical knowledge (read it, get it, know what to do, never actually done it). I'd like to spend some time on the South Platte on Friday, but I don't have access to a second vehicle to get back to wherever I park.

Two questions:
  • any recommendations for a stretch my boat can handle (no serious whitewater, Class I would be fine, prob not much more than Class II)? And if you've been there lately, what have the conditions been like?
  • suggestions for transportation back from take out to put in? I have a lock so as long as I can get myself back to my vehicle, I can go back for the kayak. I'm thinking public transportation, uber, taxi - just don't know where the local service areas are.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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