Purchased from Whitewater Manufacturing (SOTAR).
TUBES: 40-oz Urethane (Lexatron) Elite coating 4200 Denier, teal. Continuous curve tubes with 24” tube diameter at the pivot point. Eight D rings and 2 carry handles per tube, 58 lbs total weight. The tubes have been stored inside - that's inside the HOUSE at room temperature - every winter.
FRAME: Pro’s Choice Cataraft frame – Dan Racataian frame – powder coated 9 foot long breakdown but has never been taken apart. Frame weight 85-90 lbs.
Web flooring was re-webbed by SOTAR in October 2021 and has never seen the water. They did an excellent job making it tighter than the original.
Three Cataract 9.5 foot oars with 8-inch Carlisle blades.
Dry box with Ethafoam top. 38”(L) x 15”(W) x 12”(D)
Full width bench seat with Ethafoam top. Interchangeable with dry box, slide in and pin in frame bays.
The cooler is a 150-qt Igloo with hatch opening. .
There are plywood platforms for the cooler bay and the stern floor that I attach to the frame with short cam straps. These keep the cooler and stern load items from sitting on the web floor. It's a gear hauler too.

The front of the frame has a doowah from an encounter with one of those MF Salmon low water trip rocks. You can see this in the photos.
Some rub marks on the tube tops from the frame.
One of the Carlisle blades has a slight bend.
Some faint rust lines on the bench seat from rocket boxes loaded on their sides.
The patch kit has all patch material. Needs adhesive and MEK refill. I’ve just never had to use it. :>)
I am in Helena, MT. I will not deflate and disassemble if you want to look and touch.
$4,100 gets the whole kit and kaboodle. I take PayPal and no the trailer is not included. You can email me with questions.
[email protected]