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This is just a very brief outline of my impressions since I got this boat about 3 weeks ago. Due to the cold weather and lack of water I have only taken it a few times in dam controlled cl 2+.I will definitely do a more extended review into spring.

First it comes with a bunch of accessories like a decent hand pump, a carry bag, a pressure manometer and a 5 piece breakdown paddle. The last item has been called by some as a POS but I found it a great help in helping me determine an appropriate length for this boat. Also, its not too bad on the water either.

Its widely advertised as being 10'in length but its really 9' 2"s. Time will tell if this is a good or bad thing. It does fit inside my RAV4 though fully inflated. The PVC material looks and feels very well crafted and solid. It inflates really tight and this really helps it perform on the water. The flat bottom is very loose and it turns and manouvers very well. It feels very stiff going through wave trains, without any twisting or buckling of the sides or hull. It also surfs small waves very well, no pearling or being blown down. This boat is much more agile than the Lynx, Tomcat or older Forces. Its atleast as good as a Strike at a much cheaper price.

The only real criticism I can make is that the seatback is high and may dig into your back. I just stuck on foam along the back rim and its fine now.

If anyone is pondering whether to get this boat at the price Amazon is offering, go for it...I doubt we will regret that decision. More when I can get it on harder water.
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