I've got a SOAR Canyon (14 ft) that I bought from the original owner who bought to do an Alaska trip that never happened. He never put the boat in the water. Always stored inside and only inflated a handful of times. I've had it out in the sun a total of three days. Gave me everything that came with the boat directly from SOAR Inflatables. So I put the boat in the water two times - both flat water. I figured I really wanted one of these, but realized that this boat was made for moving water and I need something that is all-purpose for moving AND flat water. So, This guy has to go - plus my garage isn't accommodating.

Comes with two seats (with pads); two paddles plus the conversion kit to make one kayak-style paddle; thigh straps; duffel bag, and probably a bunch of other odds and ends.

I really wanted to like this, but it just doesn't fit want I'm floating up here in central MT.

So, looking for $1,600. If you want me to ship, I'm more than happy but I have no idea what that's costing so we can talk about it and try to come to a fair middle-ground.

I'll drop some pictures but right now the boat is rolled up in my garage. Don't hesitate to ask about anything.