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So why don't we name our boats?

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I've always liked crafty boat names here's a few good ones.

19 Ingenious Boat Names. I Died Laughing When I Saw What Happened To "Titanic II" - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

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We do in our boating circle...

We call our old 18' Avon bucket boat either the "Fallout Shelter" (after everyone wanted to be on it during the last Grand trip) or "PORTS: Pit of Room To Spare" as a nod to the Princess Bride and the simple fact it had its back 1/3 floor removed by its previous owner (always a conversation starter at the ramp).

Names for the other rigs are less permanent and require too much backstory for a forum like this.

Probably more eye catching and responsible for more wayward looks than our boat names is the name of my groover, which is stenciled in black on the side of the rocket box: My Precious. Groovers on our trips have a history of naming though, from my aforementioned one to the Oval Office.

Who's cares who doesn't do what you want!
Fallout shelter is a good one. Why did they remove part of the floor?

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Fallout shelter is a good one. Why did they remove part of the floor?

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Long story short, as I understand it (he was a user on this forum so he can correct me)....

Was a last minute purchase for a Grand permit as his primary rig got damaged right before....he wanted to have a motor rig for Diamond Down so he cut it out and wrapped it. He used an everything bag for the main run I guess. Those who see it on the river want to call it a Baby S (minus the outriggers I guess) but we refuse to rename our baby. (We just use a beaver tail and a net on the bottom now.)

My kids would love that! I could just see them diving through it

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Calling it what it is

Mine's "The RV."

Though maybe the name should actually be "Soul Sanctuary" as that's really what it is.

The "Unsinkable II" was pretty clever...

those were great. I once saw a cabin cruiser named "tranquility" and the skiff was named " in search of tranquility". Pretty clever:D
I've had two red catarafts that were named Ruby & Ruby Two. The real name was "The Ruby Slipper" because they transported me to another world. Sort of like Andy's "Soul Sanctuary." Now I have a Red & Black raft named Ruby 3- The Pirate Queen. In between I had a Teal cataraft named Jewel.
I have a white boat. It's name is Moby and whoever is in it is a Dick.
Mine is called the "Gravy Boat". 16 foot Jack's Cataraft.
My raft, which was fabricated in the year 2000, is known as the Millennium Falcon.
My red cat is named Miss Scarlette and my duckie is named Daisy.
Most rafters I know name their boat. Our oldest 14' Avon was named by my brothers little girl........Old Gray Mare.....cuss she ain't what she use to be.
My hyside was Blue Balls, before that Log Jam, current boat is still in need of an official name but currently orange crush and Jack (short for Jack O' Lantern) are the leading contenders.

My driftboat was named "the Fly Line Conspiracy" as the ability to get tangled in it was simply amazing...
My boat is the "Bataraft" after finding a dead bat stuck in the frame that we clipped out of a tree when the boat was on top of a three-stack on the trailer en route to corn creek. It's also been referred to as the "Nataraft" for those rare occasions when I drink Natty Light on it.
Two kayaks.

B.O.B. - Orange XP10
Calypso Marie - Black and blue Remix 79. Combined John Denver and Roger Clyne song titles to get the name.

Yup. It sounds a bit weird when I say "I'm going to paddle Marie today". Even my boating friends give me curious looks at these times. My non-boating friends? What non-boating friends? They disappeared years ago.
Well, we started to name our boat "paraschutz"
but then we discovered that most river authorities wouldn't let us use it on their rivers.

Cause, they said we don't allow no parachutes on the river.

ba da bum!

So we named it puddle pirate.
I was going to name my new orange Aire 156R "Orange Crush" but on a recent Cabarton float I saw the Sarah (from Cascade outfitters) and her fiance had named his NRS cat Orange Crush and had it stenciled...I was very sad. My boys are now deciding between "the creamsicle" and "the Thing (of Marvel comics fame). My old green Star Super-Bug was called "the flying pickle".
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