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Fast ledge-style holes, with a couple of big waves. Very cool 2 mile section above Stoner. Legally, you have to put in at the Bear Creek access point, with requires a few miles of fast Class II. There are a few holes that are worthwhile, though.

The alternative is to jump in above the private bridge right where the obvious play section is, but that's only if you're sure that the landowner is not home- I think he's an Albuquerque guy, but he's more concerned about fishermen than boaters. Nonetheless, don't go tromping around if he's there.

There's a good takeout far above Stoner that cuts off a few more miles of flat. A few miles below the private bridge you'll see a hard-to-find 4-wheel drive road off it, straight downhill. You can drive down and park right beside the river, or hike the boat up to the road (depending on your rig). From the river, the takeout is a semi-diversion dam that marks the access point.

Totally fun run. There's a near-perfect small hole above the bridge section that's worth the higher put-in. But if you're strapped for time and the landowner isn't around, the bridge section is soooo nice & worth the drive from D-Go.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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