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Snakes on the Green?

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Getting ready to do some fishing and a couple of nights on the Green below Flaming Gorge.

Anyone have any issues with snakes on the A,B or C sections? A friend told us that they were pretty bad, but thought I would ask the experts.
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no. I just floated A & B over the weekend.......ZERO snakes encountered!

1 Osprey w/fish in hand
1 Golden eagle
2 river otters
1000+ trout in the river
Mormons in paddle rafts - yes, many

Nice, that's what I thought

Did you camp overnight? Where?
yes, camped at Bootleg, sweet little camp! 3rd or 4th camp down...

Trout Creek Flys ran our shuttle [$95], did a great job.

The rangers at the put in were some of the nicest rangers I've ever encountered, good job guys!

have fun!
seen snakes last 2 trips (few weeks ago adn last september).
But only 1 each trip (but decent 3ft watersnake)....Bootleg and Cottonwood.

just went on its way in the tammarisk.
I camped probably 15 nights on the B section over the years, some times with fellow fishermen, some times with family. When with other fishermen walking the banks or trail we would see an occasional garter or Bull snake. When with my son (6-10 years old back then), he would catch 5-10 snakes a day, mostly Bull snakes up to 4-5 feet long, he loved to show them (up close) to my wife who hates snakes. Never saw any rattlers. Never saw any snakes in camp.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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