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Snake and Shoshone

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Going to be around Cody and Jackson for a few days.. .
How hard Is it to find a shuttle or hitch worse case for the snake and Shoshone. ??

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easy hitching on the snake, not as much the shoeshine.
try out the teton and falls river if you get to the other side of the teton pass
In case interested, Holly does shuttles in the Teton area 307-690-9390.
Somebody else gave me a business card at a put in, but I don't have it handy. (But if you are thinking of the high use whitewater section of the Snake above Alpine, catching rides is pretty easy.)
Seems like we had someone at the fly shop in Cody who knew someone to shuttle. We had two rigs when we were in Cody and didn't need to, but I think if you check around you'll find someone. The North Fork was too woody when we were there, but looks fun and we did the town section of the Shoshone and it was very fun. The kids liked that better than the upper Snake. Plenty of opportunities for shuttles around Jackson. The canyon was like outfitter city with a bus pulling in every 10 minutes. Fun whitewater though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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