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Hey Smith Boaters!

We unfortunately lost my wife’s beautiful spinning rod on our trip a few days back, I believe it was sucked out of the boat going through tight tamarisks in a L fork section below nice private cabins on the 3rd day. The rod was a wedding present and we would be thrilled to get it back, happy to pay a finders fee and return shipping if anyone finds it.

6’6” St. Croix Spinning Rod
Slate/Dark Blue Body w/ Orange Accent Reel
8 lb clear line
Last had a hammered finish Panther Martin spinning lure that has a red faded to gold finish.

I’ll try to update this with a more specific description of the area I believe it was lost in. If I had to guess it is likely just hanging in a tamarisk half way down that tight channel.

Unfortunately we didn’t notice it was missing until later down river :(

Thanks for keeping an eye out!
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