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You can copy it...

... and the full pack list is at the bottom of the link.

To best answer the question, "why not copy and paste the list", understand that as the owner of both Pucon Kayak Hostel and Patagonia Study Abroad I get asked what to pack and when to come to Chile a lot. So, an explanation of climate based on both geography and month is important. I can't just say wear shorts and t-shirt when in November it's more likely you'll need a down jacket in Pucon. But at the same time at the Rio Claro you may actually be better suited in shorts and t-shirt.

Honestly, most kayakers simply do not know the reversed climate cycle and north to south rules of thumb Chile has compared to US weather.

Understand while this was designed for the PSA students it's been a helpful resources for lots of kayakers. Use it if you like.

Keep Kayaking.
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