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None of these are kayaking related, BUT that does not mean that they will not be cool!! Plus it is for a good cause

The Estes Park Mountain Shop will be hosting a series of slide shows this winter starting on November 13th at 7:30pm!

The first one will is entitled
"Khumbu Climbing School"
Topher Donahue and Harry Kent will be presenting this inspiring story of a group of climbers working to teach basic climbing skills and provide modern equipment to a group of 30 Sherpas, many of whom have summited Everest more then once with out being able to tie a simple figure-eight knot!

The other shows include the likes of
TOMMY AND BETH CALDWELL: some time in January

DOUG SNIVELY: March 14th

DAN GAMBINO: March 14th

This series has been organized to raise money for a young teacher from Estes Park that has come down with a particularly nasty form of cancer. All procedes from these shows will go directly to her. A suggested donation of $10 is recommended!

For more infomation please contact the

Estes Park Mountain Shop
2050 Big Thompson Ave
Estes Park CO, 80517

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