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sleeping bag system advice

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a few years ago my life was transformed when I we did the AT. I realized the value of ultra light backpacking! this has influenced me in boating and back country outings. I usually do one or two extreme trips a winter where I will go up to around 12,000 to 13,000 feet and camp when it is below freezing using a bivy sack. (i try to find some shelter in rock outcrops or snow to add to the protection.

so here is my dilemma. not wanting to take too much weight, yet not freeze my ***** off.

I am trying to find out if there is any research on temp ratings for doubling up sleeping bags. I am trying to find a lighter weight system.

I have been using a zero degree bag for a while in a bivy sack, but was wondering if doubling up on two 35 degree bags would do better. ( last time I did this it was -20 with out windchill. froze my butt off but no harm was done to any other appendages)

what are your thoughts. I am really, really limited on finances. so buying new gear is kinda our of the question. (because if i could i would want to buy a Arc Expedition quilt)

so thanks for any feedback!
also i am trying to make a light weight sil tepee tent for added protection any recommendations on that would also be great!
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I have a 15 and a 25 degree bag, one shorter, one longer. When I am winter camping I often take both. They have served me well for many years, and pack down to nothing. On a mountaineering trip years ago a friend said, "If you aren't wearing all your DRY clothes at night, you brought too many clothes".
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