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Mostly I'm just posting this to make all the buzzards jealous, but it would be cool if we could get even more paddlers to show up. There is a river festival happening on the Slave river July 31 - August 3 in Fort Smith Canada. The event is aimed at beginners, to try to break the "experts only" reputation that the Slave has, but there is plenty of water to keep advanced paddlers busy also. There will be races, a rodeo, all kinds of shennanigans.

For more information, check the local club website:
Fort Smith Paddling Club - Slave River Paddlefest

or take a look at a map of the rapids:
Slave River rapids - Google Maps

or even check out photos on my blog:
Leif and Natalie: Already worth the drive

or Johnny Misadventures' blog, since he is also staying here:
Johnny Misadventures

How are the water levels back home? South canyon come in yet? Hahhahaahahahaha!
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