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The culmination of a two-year labor of cluck… love has come to roost. We present to you the Ski Chicken Coop. Yes, never before has mankind so radically paired two beloved, yet so distant of combinations – Eggs and Skis. What started as a hazy daydream while catching some powder on Cameron Pass, turn into a chicken coop of 32 pairs of skis, reused formica countertop, and a neighborhood gaggle of scrap lumber. A website now commemorates its valor:

We’re spreading our feathers into the multitudes of media: TV, ski magazines, coop appearances. Help us spread the word.

SPREAD THE S-COOP 1. Facebook – This is what Facebook is all about. Use your account to become a fan of our Ski Coop page to let the world know we’re going viral with this coop. Join Here
2. Twitter – Yep, we’ve got a Twitter feed, too. We Cluck out a tweet daily with deep reflections from the Ski Coop. The chickens have a lot to say and there’s only one way to keep up: Follow us on Twitter here:
3. Watch the Urban Chicken Farmer Short Film – This movie explains it all. Embed this video on Facebook, Linkedin, wherever. Enjoy the movie on YouTube.
4. Forward this Email – We going big here… Letterman, Conan, Oprah… the mini-coop is going global. Tell your friends about the website
5. Winter Bike to Work Day – Stop by to see the Coop and the Mini-Coop on December 15 from 7am – 9am. Get your picture taken with the Coop. Details Here

Enjoy the website. We’ve had fun with it (probably bordering on ridiculous, but your only live once).

Thanks, Aaron and Matt
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I think I saw something about the upcoming Kokotat line of poultry PFDs...
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