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Six mile to Bennett in one day?

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Thinking of six mile to treasure this weekend with one night camping. Six mile to coral or Bennett day one. Looks like close to 25 miles. Flows look to be in the 1500 ish range. How long will that stretch take? Is it crazy to try to do in one day?
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It is possible but the property along the river in the last 10 miles is all private and heavily enforced. When it is dark-thirty and looking for a camp site, can be bleak.
just did it on sunday @ 2500 cfs. it took us 8.5 hours - launched at the crack of 10:30 and took out at 7 - even with backrowing a bunch since we were fishing. at the current flow of 1500, it takes a little longer - maybe like 10 to 11 hours, but it can be done in a day. i would avoid camping at bennett on the weekend. just lay up at one of the public stretches along the way.
Are you talking northgate? I was wondering if the flows would be high enough for a pickaroon/6 mile gap to Fisherman's bridge starting around 6/30?
just an fyi, took off at Bennett Peak last Sunday and it was infested with mosquitos (same on Saturday morning when running shuttle). Camped at Pickaroon the night before & there were none.
Water in north platte for a 6/30 float from 6 mile gap to Fisherman's bridge/

Just wondering if there will be enough water to comfortably float the N platte in 10 days. Is there any camping below bennett peak. How about camping on an island in the middle of the river?


Under Wyoming law the islands, the banks and even the bottom of the river are private property. Unless you are in a section of the river that is clearly public you are not allowed to touch bottom. This includes dropping an anchor or standing up in a float tube to pee. You are not even allowed to retrieve an object dropped overboard if it is touching the bottom.

The island at the confluence of the Encampment and the Platte is private property, owned by the private ranch across the river, it is patrolled and they do not take kindly to trespassers. Found out the hard way when I stopped for a pee break a few years back, guns and a sheriff were involved, made for a stressful day.
Thx for the warning. I like to stay on the proper side of the sheriff and guns thing.
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