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Shuttle info for Gunnison float through Gunnison?

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Am looking for a shuttle from Almont to Gunnison. Thought I'd check for options for info before calling fly fishing shops and such. Thanks.
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Just go and hitch while wearing your pfd. You will be surprised how fast you get a ride. There are LOTS of boaters in the valley, and even if you somehow cant finagle a ride at the put in or takeout (very busy this time of year, lots of people) then there are lots of them driving by who would love to help.

It would help if you clarified your trip plans. By Gunnison do you mean North Bridge? Or by Gunnison do you mean the WW Park? Or McCabe's Lane?
You can also use the free bus that runs between Gunni and Cb. Goggle it for the route and schedule. Nice way to run Almont to the WW park.
Thanks for the advice. Like the idea of the bus and am looking into it. The hitchhiking thing has lost some of its appeal after I "older" in age. I stood a long, long time hitching on the Daily at Moab w/life jacket (middle of summer too) and began thinking that people don't pick pick up aged hitchers as much as the younger one's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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