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Shout out to Blackadar Boating

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I finally scored the coveted Middle Fork permit this year. About a month ago, I asked about companies to use for shuttles in that neck of the woods. Many on this site suggested Blackadar Boating, so we went with them. They are a great company with exceptional service. I highly recommend them.

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Just got off the MFS and also used them for shuttling 5 trucks and some trailers. No issues.

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Shuttled two vehicles for us without incident. Can recommend.
Good to hear. We're using them for a Main trip next week.
Plus they are the family of the legend himself.
Just got off the middle fork. Used them, again, with zero problems. Even took our trash.

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Just got off main Salmon and used them for shuttles and a boat rental. They were great, although some of the rental gear could have been nicer, I suppose (fire pan was decrepit, one drybox had leaky gasket), but boat itself was real shiny.
Just got off the Main Salmon and our group used Blackadar for the shuttle. We were about 4 miles from Corn Creek when our truck got a flat. So I swapped out to the spare and found it was low on pressure ( note to check that in the future) and the wrong size ( will get that fixed too). We limped the truck into Corn Creek and a couple of the ladies from our group started off to Salmon with the flat tire and planning a long drive while we rigged boats. They made it a couple of miles to a local bar along the river and found lots of help. Jim (a jetboat operator we had met a few years prior) took the flat into Salmon to Blackadar (thanks Jim!) and the great group of people at Blackadar used a part of our $100 gas deposit to buy a used tire. They installed the tire and the truck was waiting for us at the takeout all repaired and ready to go. Awesome service!!!! I would highly recommend them. It also reminded me what good people can be found on the river. I will try to pay it forward. Thanks again to All those that helped.

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