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Congratulations to winner’s Bryan McKenzie, Dave Scott, David Weber, Ken Glaeser and Julie Albrecht who will have their short stories published in Ken Whiting and co-author, Kevin Varette’s new book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Kayaking’.

A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who submitted short stories, there were so many great stories that the authors had a very hard time narrowing down the field to only five. Look for your friends’ story in ‘The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Kayaking’ at your local paddling shop the first week in June.

'The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Kayaking' will be the most comprehensive :D and valuable book on the sport of whitewater kayaking. Ken Whiting and co-author Kevin Varette cover everything from the most basic skills and concepts to the most advanced, cutting edge paddling techniques. You’ll learn to choose the right equipment, the essential strokes and paddling techniques, the art of reading whitewater, river running techniques, river safety and rescue, creek boating skills, big water skills, playboating techniques, surf kayaking technique, squirtboating, slalom and much more. Whatever you need, you'll find it in this essential whitewater kayaking reference.

Included in the book are special segments from such experts as:
Tao Berman - World Record waterfall holder
Dunbar Hardy - Expeditionary Kayaker
Phil and Mary DeRiemer - Instructional Gurus
Brendan Mark - World Champion Squirtboater
Anna Levesque – Creator of the ‘Girls at Play’ video

To purchase in advance, a signed copy at a discounted price, call The Heliconia Press (THP) 1.888.582.2001
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