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Just seeing if there is anybody out there interested in joining me on a multi-day paddle on the Shenandoah River, June 20-27. The dates are tentative until I can confirm a ferry to the SP. So they could shift a little left or right but its 100% happening. It'll be about 180 miles starting on the North River to the South Branch of the Shenandoah and ending at Harpers Ferry.

I have it all mapped and planned out - 25-30 miles is my daily goal (dependent on water conditions, weather and available camping) which is very much achievable if water levels are still above normal (the river is booming now). I gave it about 8 days which will definitely be more than enough - wanted some wiggle room. I also have a potential ferry to the start point. My truck will be at the end point.

I paddled 420 miles down the Kentucky River last year and 320 miles down the Allegheny River in 2013 - they were really fantastic experiences.

If you're interested to come along or have any suggestions or experience with this river, please, you're more than welcome and let me know. Thanks!

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