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You know you've received them. You know you've written them. Search your inboxes for the good ones.

From 2007:

"holy shit!
Too bad you guys missed the was SICK! I'm pretty sore today, it was stressful, in your face water pretty much the whole way. I got pretty worked (flipped 4 times--no swims). This first time I fliiped, I took a rock to the back of my helmet, went over a pour over, hit some more rocks and pulled a roll out of my ass.

Rik and I were like deer in headlights. The three other people we paddled with were really good--Rik's the man and had a clean run.

Towards the end, one guy is like, 'uh, the last mile is class IV.' I think I shit in my boat.
The rapids were bigger than MWS at higher levels and there's like 3 times as many...the last mile was like the Silache rapids, but bigger and much longer. The level was like 1700 in the morning, but it rose due to the heat, so it was probably 1800-1900 when we did it. Definitely worth going back--it's a good run to push our skills."

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