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Set Your Goals

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My dudes,

I am disappointed in the lack of stoke here on the buzz. All I see is namby pamby rafter frame size, cooler size, oar length, shuttle help, can't figure it out on my own questions. The whole state of CO is riper than your little sister's twat on prom night. Perhaps everyone is out lapping gore and vallecito at splashy levels, and I'm missing out.

Here are my 2014 kayaking goals. I'm aiming high, so that if I only put a few new notches in the belt, no big deal. Most of these are things I haven't done, but some are repeats. Add your own list.

Casey Tango's 2014 Mank wishlist:

Clarks fork box
Gore @ high
Big South from source
Baker's Box
Todo clear creak at peak (empire to golden)
Crested Butte quadruple crown in 1 day
Fish Creek
Ark valley triple crown (clear creek, lake crk, pine crk) in 1 day
Crystal drainage (punchbowls, NF, Gorge)
Kayaking at night. Two night runs last year wasn't enough.
Black Canyon

And check this video out. Major fucking stoke.
DREAM on Vimeo
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I want a use my unpin kit.
Do a live bait rescue.
Poach the Selway and run it out in 1 day.
Share a camp and drink PBR with someone who doesn't speak English!
Sell my rafts to support my kayak addiction.
Poop in a 4" tube with a river view to die for.
And just hang with friends that I haven't seen in a 100 years on the MFS.

Ya I'm stoked for this year for sure!!!
Somehow I pulled this off last year.
But it is yet again my loftily goal....

Dry clothes at every take out.

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PNW trip - in the bag.
5/10 new runs
0/3 Overnights but I've got an MFS trip lined up for June
3 redemption runs
Big Timber
Stay healthy and have fun.

Does this mean it's ok to talk about Sweetgrass? I thought this was a big Montucky secret.

Any my only goal is to run some different stuff. Sick of the same old stuff. Except the Crystal. That shit is always sick.
I'll play along.

1) Run new sections of rivers. Regardless of class or character.
2) Play boat more than I did last year, to get more loosened up. And learn a new trick like a McNasty or Orbit or something cool and new school.
3) More night kayaking is always good. Especially full moon paddling.
4) Share my love of the sport with my daughter, and everyone else I come across on the river this summer.
5) Have a swim-less season.

It's getting exciting!
regain old form and confidence levels....have gone to shit over last several years...not keep getting old by not kayaking..get young by boating in best shape in years..turn 5O next month,will be able to afford return to Belize-Guatemala-Mexico for first time in years...take a month down there and ;2nd D Privassion including the Insanity Slide and first complete run of The Maze,redo the Moho,flip off the Vaca Falls damn dam then huck the falls repeatedly plus whatever rapids are left,Mullins third D solo,paddle as much as I can in the Chahal-Chiyu-Gracias a Dios-San Pedro drainage,spend several days paddling around Tapachula (class 4 paradise ) and surf my boat in the Pacific

around here do the front range'ish runs in my skill range i've never done,like 11mile,upr .Snake,and Fraser.....see how Lefthand has changed and run it if it goes....paddle some beautiful new scenic runs......paddle my old favorites
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1) Be Safe
2) Have fun
3) Keep the black side down.
3) More night kayaking is always good. Especially full moon paddling.

I think I need to add that to my list! Never none any nite boating. :p
Run the #'s at/over 1500
Run royal gorge and browns at peak
Paddle anything on clear creek
Paddle Bailey
Playboat more- land a loop and dial in cartwheels
-Find out why people playboat, it still eludes me...
-Walk less on Bailey
-Paddle in/around Durango more
-Own a creek boat with out a crack in it...
Nice idea, again, Tango. I think we can knock off a lot of your list in the next 2 weeks.

Kevin's 2014 To Do List

South Boulder Creek from East Portal to Eldo (new concept - the "sickbird line" instead of the sickbird loop- it's a lot like the sickbird loop but you go downhill the whole time instead of up)
Big T
2nd Gorge
Rigo at 800
CB quadra
Basic 99
Crystal Gorge/NF/Punchbowls
Yule? When else would I ever do it?
Black Canyon
Black Boxes (yeah I know, dream on)
Virgin Narrows (I won't hold my breath)
Clear creek marathon

More playboating (Zero playboating last year)
Less swimming (too much swimming last year)
More new friends
More old friends
More soloing
More trips to the desert
Less rock climbing
More endurance kayaking
100+ days on the water

Let's paddle!
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