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Self Guided Babine?

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Well, like most of you, I once again struck out on permits and am looking for other options.

Has anyone done a self guided Babine Trip? We live in NW washington and would plan to drive to Smithers and depart from there. Specifically looking for if anyone had any input into raft rental outfits and possible shuttles? From my hour or so of research doesn't look like there is much in the way of easy logistics.

Same question for the Chilk/Chilcotin run.

Our crew has a good bit of experience on SW, PNW and AK rivers but would also be open to have someone else tag along if there was interest.


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Matt, due to lockdowns the last two years we stayed up here for our summer raft trips instead of our usual Idaho getaways. Last year we did the Babine from Babine Lake to Hazelton and the year before we did the Chilko from Chilko Lake to Gang Ranch on the Fraser. Happy to answer any questions you may have. DM me and I'll see if i can help you out. Ray
I can't seem to DM you (I think because I'm new here), but I'd love to pick your brain about the Chilko.
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