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Discussion Starter #1 heading to CHINA to go boatin'... gonna be cold and i need a drysuit....have access to pro-deals but am not to psyched to kick down that much for some thing i will not use that often....was more interested in buying your drysuit that has been sitting around doing need the cash, i need the the d-suit....see how the economy is on the rebound(milo cramer).....i will sell it for cheap to a chinaman before i come back.....5-8,....165 lbs.... am packing some thick "landin' gears"...(legs)....and a bit of a "puck chaser" (ass)....please help me out and i'll carry your boat thru the montrose sometime....first caller wins 30 pack of pbr...totally serious about the beer and the d-suit....9702751890....lines are open....

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There is a post up over on the yahoo group for WRR with some drysuits being sold by a kayak school up in AK:
Dry suit sale continues @ Alaska Kayak School

Alaska Kayak School (907) 299-0061

2008 drysuit sale continues ...... w/ lower prices ..., '+)

Kokatat GFER, gore front-entry w/ sock and relief zipper.
XXL, 2008 used little, great condition, radish and black, retail $940,
KCK price $500
Medium, 2008, used little, good condition, retail $880, KCK Price, $475

Kokatat WGFED, woman's front entry w/ drop seat and socks, plum and black
Small, used in 2008, good condition, retail $925, KCK price $500
Small, 2008, New, never used, retail $925, KCK price, $700
Medium, 2008, New, never used, retail $925, KCK price, $700

Palm Torrent, Medium
man's rear entry suit w/ skirt tunnel, new $649, KCK price $405
Bkue and black; socks and relief zip standard
2008 excellent condition

Palm Element, Medium & Large
woman's rear entry suit w/ skirt tunnel, new $649, KCK price $405
Plum and black w/socks and relief zip standard
2008 excellent condition, fully breathable

Palm Classics in XL, Large and medium
new price $399, KCK Price $299
2008 great conditions
very functional drysuits, front entry w/ socks
no relief zip fully breahable

Assorted Super Novas and Tropos Meridians, Please call, great deals

Have a great WInter !!!
Good luck!

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I have a large yellow kokatat used two seasons I might be willing to sell. Totally dry except for leaky gore-tex booties due to excessive hiking. Give me a call. 2087201263
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