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Got this note. Not sure what the 35% volumetric cap means. Maybe somebody else does...

Good morning,

This morning upon adjournment of House floor work (which is General Assembly
language for, "Later, but we're not sure when.") the House Agriculture,
Livestock and Natural Resources committee will take action on SB 37. An
amendment proposing a 35% volumetric cap will be introduced during this
committee hearing.

Thank you all for sending your comments and concerns about SB 37. Comments
on legislation are always accounted for and appreciated.

Thanks again for your time,

Matt Samelson
Legislative Aide for Rep. Curry

Representative Kathleen Curry
54542 East Highway 50
Gunnison, CO 81230
970-209-5537 Cell
970-641-0699 Home
303-866-2945 Capitol
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