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sat phone service provider

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My uncle just gave me his Iridium Sat phone. He was using Cellhire for the service provider and they were charging him 44 a month(12 month contract) plus 2$ a minute. I only need it once or twice a year so it seems like a lot of money to keep the service. Are there any other service plans in which you can sign up for a month at a time instead of a year commitment? Any other options? I was considering the SPOT as an option. I also heard an iPhone could be used as a Sat phone but don't have any info on that. Any advice would be helpful.
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I still own a global star brick. Rent or use the spot.

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What about the Dolorme Inreach? I have been thinking about one for an upcoming trip.

The Freedom plan requires a commitment of only one month/year @$25
Dolorme uses the Iridium network and allows texting and emergency signals with confirmation, and it's waterproof.

I don't know much about sat phones but i'm looking at $160 to rent one so it seems like Dolorme might be a good option. I seem to remember a similar thread here and it seems like people had positive reviews?
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