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I bought one of these.
It is the HD model of the also popular XACTI waterproof models. Currently they are not on the shelves in the USA but available online from the EU or CA.

The Sanyo Xacti CA-9 waterproof digital SD HD 9 megapixel CAMCORDER. Same problem as with ALL waterproof cameras so far and that is fogging (both internal and external) and waterspots. You just have to pay almost way to much attention to the lens.

I can also say it is "shaky" compared to other non waterproof and larger models. Do not even try to take a video from anything other than a flatwater eddy. In much less than perfect conditions it is not the best choice for a camcorder. Given you can't really take video from your boat you might as well buy a bigger heavier (harder to shake) cam to do the video from the shore and carry it in the drybox in the boat. The video comes out in MP4 format and windows and MP4 do not play well with each other, at all.

Pluses are it is small, it takes photos, it does take good video when conditions are good, like 720p or somethin like that. I have had it submerged for quite a while sometimes and it continues to work just fine. The audio is alright. I find the buttons easy to get at and use, even with cold fingers but not with gloves on.

I am still learning about video editing so I will not comment on how hard or easy that is (it seems difficult to me so far but I am class I on that trip).

I would be happy to answer anymore questions if you have them or do some specific tests, send you some video to play with or whatever.
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