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San Miguel River 6/24

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There's a small group (2 kayaks maybe more, possible raft) of us going to the San Miguel River on the 24th of June.

We were looking for a few people to join us maybe that have been on the river or just learn about the river with. We'll be doing the Bilk Creek to Down Valley Park section (unless there's a group vote for a different section). We're gonna be coming up from Durango, so launch time won't be horribly early, and we're still figuring out the little deets.

We would love to have some other folks join us, let us know
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Hey, I might be down. I live in Montrose, but somehow I haven't ever run it. I would be in an oar-frame 13' boat. Shoot me a text or a call, 970.275.8450. I have been hoping to get down there this year...
All I can say is I hope flows stay at least in the 600-700 range. Flows are coming down quickly as we speak, check the USGS site below AW site to get accurate flows, you want the San Miquel at Placerville guage. The stretch you want to do is the most difficult called "Sawpit run", and it is not good for anytype of oarrig. The channel is quite tight with some tough rocks to pin you. All rafts in here are paddle rafts, but the lower section from Caddis Flats to Lower Beaver is very duable and actually the best section. I'm not sure if I can make it on a tuesday but I'll keep in touch, at 497-6512.
actually, the "best" section is from bilk to down valley park. most continuous and fast with a little character. very scenic class 3. and we do see small oar rigs come by our house almost daily, and some of the commercials run stern oar setups as well.
San Miguel

I may be able to join your party on the 24th. PM me with your contact info. My # is nine 7 zero- 2 one 0- 3 five six 9.
Ran Placerville to Beaver repeatedly in May. Below 500 things will be very tight, plus we saw lots of driftwood accumulating in the logjam area. It's mostly a paddle river, the outfitters in Telluride do a sternmount short oar rig with paddlers up front. A standard oar rig will have you shipping oars frequently, plus I would not use a good blade if you want it to stay that way.
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