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So I picked up a late cancellation on the San Juan river for this spring and I contacted some friends and and put down a modest deposit on some equipment and then gradually everything fell through and people couldn't make it and I was just going to cancel. I would just do a nice solo backpack this June instead, maybe on Cedar Mesa or in the Swell.

But I didn't cancel, because a part of me just really wants to go. And now I have this permit and an outfitter that would really like me just to rent the equipment. And the water level is going to be at multi-decade highs and the sun will be warm by then and swimming holes in Johns and Slickhorn are likely to be full of clear water and there are so many nice hikes.

Would anybody like to go with me and revive the dream of this trip? If I can get a handful of people, we could go. Or a couple people, I guess, if you have your own rig. It's a special time.

The put in date is the 13th, Thursday and I have campsite reservations in Slickhorn the 17th and Oljeto the 18th so take out is Wednesday the 19th in the morning.

I'm a quiet man in my 40s with river experience, a computer programmer that likes to hike and swim. Not much for partying and a very light drinker, I'm low key and easy going about trip planning, but I do really want to do the hikes. I enjoy companions of all ages, including kids and elders.

Permit and equipment rental if we use equipment I reserved would be $450 a person all-in (bring nothing but your sleeping gear & food for your cooking days). Negotiable if you have your own rig. Shuttles extra if your time is tight on this schedule or we can drive 'em ourselves.

PM me and I'll respond within a few hours.
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